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The most suitable analytical method for your task

Together with our clients we determine the best and at the same time most cost effective analytical method for the samples at hand. Often a semiquantitative survey analysis using ICP-OES, ICP-MS or XRF are already sufficient for many questions.


High quality result when you need it most

We are fast and respond quickly to your analytical task. Smaller analytical jobs are usually done within days in our labs without any sacrifice in quality.


Analytical methods for a variety of tasks in R&D

In many R&D-projects analytical questions arise sooner or later. We have the experience and can respond to a wide variety of analytical tasks in elemental and polymer analytics.

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Validation of analytical methods

Important parts of our lab are accredited and GMP-certified. We are able to validate analytical methods for our customers according to the requirements of ISO 17025 (EN 45001) and GMP.

You don’t know the methods of materials analysis? No problem! We know them. Just tell us what you want to know about a material and we propose you the suitable methods. Most likely we can directly quote the analysis and perform it in our labs. If not, we send you to one of our partners in our large network. And we don’t let you alone with a measurement result. We will explain the results to you and discuss about the consequences and potential next steps.

Akkreditierung-ISO/IEC 17025-E  Zertificate-GMP-Compliance