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Certified Reference Materials

We certify and sell aluminum reference materials for the calibration of spectrometers. In our web-shop you'll find the best reference material very quick thanks to a very powerfull search engine and other helpful tools. Convince yourself visiting our webshop here.

For any questions you can of course still contact our specialists by e-mail: refmat@suisse-tp.ch.


Materials for your application

Ever wondered how to improve the performance of your products? Or how to increase the efficiency of a production process? Ever thought about the application of new or alternative materials?

We can help you in the application of modern materials, such as aluminum alloys, composite materials, nano-crystalline materials, coatings, and so forth. We perform in depth research and help you select the right material for your application. We evaluate potential materials with practical tests or develop a new material according to your specification. If necessary we will utilize our large network of academic and industrial partners to find the best solution.

Werkstoff Beratung

Process optimization

Do you currently utilize an unstable process? Or would you like improve the efficiency of a process or implement a new production process?

We analyze each of your process steps and create proposals for modifications. Our specialists from different areas such as joining technology, metallurgy, corrosion, analytics, polymer chemistry, civil engineering or data mining examine your processes from different viewpoints, giving you new and unexpected insights.


Unknown cause of damage? What now?

Is there an unknown cause of damage or failure or a recurring problem of quality? We meticulously investigate free of prejudice with an open mind to your problem. It is important for our experts to be involved in the investigation as early as possible. Only then can we ensure that important clues such as fracture surfaces or wear debris are not lost. Our experts will propose a suitable strategy for the investigation of the unknown cause of damage or failure. Once the causes of the failures are found, we will propose possible measures in order to prevent future failures.

Detailed information on our failure analysis services, including a first set of questions to answer in the event of a failure, can be found in our brochure:


Werkstoff Beratung

Materials Characterization

Ever wonder if your supplier really ships what he claims to ship? Interested in knowing the exact composition of a competitor’s material and compare it with your own?

We have all relevant investigation methods such as scanning electron microscopy, 3D x-ray tomography, mechanical tests, and chemical analysis in order to determine a wide variety of materials properties. Are you in need of regular investigations of quality assurance or only a single individual measurement? You don’t need to buy the expensive equipment. We are qualified lab professionals with the ability to fulfill all of your testing and analytical needs. All of our services are provided quickly, with high quality, and always for a competitive price.

A non exhaustive list of our materials characterization services can be found in our brochures. Can’t find what you are looking for? Simply get in contact with us and we will find a way to help you.

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